Alicia and I met in 2007 when we both transferred to Columbia College Chicago to study Dance. We were in the same orientation and audition group and bonded immediately. She was my first friend in Chicago.

We soon came to realize that we had a lot in common; most importantly, we value knowledge and think that dance is a great way of engaging with the world. We love academia. We nerd out on research, critical theory, post-colonialism, feminist theory, economics…. The list goes on. The ways in which the dancing body dissects and presents these heady abstract concepts is endlessly consuming to us.

As a way of continuing to delve into our research, creativity, and inquiry, we’ve created Movement Symposium. It houses our research, our live performance work (both collaborative and individual), and provides us a way to share these things with the outside world.

No matter how much we love dance, we’re not making dance and writing about dance and thinking about dance for our own benefit. We feel it is important to include the outside world in our research, our process and the resulting products. We make dance to provoke thought, initiate conversations, and engage with the world on a human level.

Welcome to Movement Symposium!



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